Ultimate lighting guide: How to choose the right lighting for your home

Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design. It is one of the most important aspects of our interior because, as well as illuminating a room, it can completely transform the look of any space for better or for worse.

Lighting is frequently overlooked as homeowners concentrate on other minor aspects of home décor but without proper lighting, all the architectural detail, artwork, and focal points will go unnoticed. On one hand, it can transform a dreary room into a glossy magazine-worthy space with the simple flick of a switch; on the other hand, it can under- or over-illuminate which in turn causes headaches, tired eyes, and lighting fatigue.

It plays a big role in how we perceive and experience a space because it radically affects the appearance of geometry on our mood and emotions as well. A good lighting design depends on the characteristics of the light source and how we distribute it in our spaces.

Modern-day lighting plays a vital role in the interior design of a home as it accentuates everything present including the furniture, flooring, finishes, and textures. You can also manipulate your home’s atmosphere just by how you position the lighting and the kind of fixtures you use.

So, before deciding on the lighting of your home, you need to understand the basic types and their characteristics. Each type is good for a particular space in the house.

This guide will talk about the various types of lighting needed for every room in your home. Be it living room lighting ideas or lamp decor ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Types of interior lighting

There are three types of basic lighting that should be considered while planning a light setup in the home.

1. Ambient lighting

This type of lighting is also referred to as general lighting and it is the primary source of light in a room. Ambient light provides a comfortable illumination that lets you navigate the room more conveniently. It’s the first layer of lighting and it sets the tone of a space.

Ambient lighting can be accomplished by using basic lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, track lights, recessed lights, floor lamps, and wall or ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures.

2. Accent lighting

Accent lighting focuses light on a particular area or object and it is the second layer of lighting in any room. This type of lighting draws attention to a feature, such as artwork, furnishings, or architectural details, converting them into a focal point.

Some examples of accent lighting are; candlelight, picture light, wall scones, chandelier with dimmer switches niche lightings, etc.

3. Task lighting

As the name implies, Task lighting are lights that are centered in a specific spot to make the completion of a task easier. It is the third type of basic lighting and it could be used for reading, writing, sewing, praying, working at your desk, etc.

Some fixtures that provide task lighting are; table lamps, vanity lights, portable desk lamps, under cabinet lighting, etc.

In a nutshell,

We often start designing our lighting plan with ambient lighting and then move on to identifying the areas where accent lighting will be required. When selecting the different types of lighting you will use in your homes, it is generally better to go from generic to specific.

However, when various specific tasks are performed in a room or when there are several points to highlight (such as a museum or an art gallery), it is best to start a lighting plan with accent lighting. Therefore, it is essential to know the purpose of a room before starting the development.

Top 8 recommended home lightings of 2022 to light up your homes

  • Crystal Chandelier LED Wall Lamps
  • Creative IQ DIY Puzzle Lampshade
  • Focondot Crystal Table Lamp
  • Crystal Bedroom Lamp
  • Round Led Crystal Ceiling Light
  • Creative Bird Aromatherapy Lamp
  • Nordic Wooden Hanging Wall Lamp
  • Modern Nordic Hanging Lamp

1. Crystal Chandelier LED Wall Lamps

This crystal wall lamp is a beautiful addition to any room in your home and it’s easy to install and use. The Elegant Looking Acrylic Crystal design can reflect and refract light to create an exquisite and magnificent effect.

The high-quality crystal beads, shining with real clarity, will capture and reflect the light effectively, and the spectrum provides you with a stunning play of color.

It’s of a crystal sconce size and it can be used in a bedroom, dining room, or living room. Also, its delicate design gives the interior a luxurious and modern appearance.

Product description

  • Made of Crystals and Metal which gives the sturdiness and aesthetics to it.
  • Finished in polished chrome, Stable Metal Ceiling Mount, easy to fit.
  • Sophisticated style and elegant look; the crystals soften the light, giving spaces added warmth and character.

2. Creative IQ DIY Puzzle Lampshade

The puzzle lampshade in art deco style looks great in a modern or industrial space or even in an older space to give it a warmly lit, welcoming atmosphere.

The 30 pieces fit together like a simple Jigsaw puzzle and it’s easy to assemble the medium puzzle lamp yourself with a little patience and skill, without needing any tools.

This DIY puzzle lamp is suitable for use in all living areas of the home, including children’s rooms, bedrooms, dorms, offices, patios, gardens, and even parties and events.

Product description

  • Self-Assembled Puzzle Lights; Great fun to assemble the puzzle lamp
  • Made of durable, soft, washable, and weather-resistant translucent polycarbonate plastic (PPC); can be used indoors and outdoors
  • It contains 1 Modern Lamp Shade with a 12 ft. lamp cord and Remote Control bulb. (Bulbs not included).

3. Focondot Crystal Table Lamp

This Metal crystal table lamp shade with K9 crystals could add a touch of elegance and create a romantic atmosphere, which is ideal for the bedroom, living room, dining room, office, etc.

With its stylish look, this bedside lamp will be a great lighting fixture or an ideal decor for any furniture, especially on a dresser, nightstand, bedside, or sofa side table.

This night light looks like a precious diamond, as it is crystal clear and has a delicate and clean-cut surface which creates a pleasant, romantic and relaxing feeling to your room.

Product description

  • Minimalist design and unique appearance
  • It contains 1pcs lamp body & all the crystal accessories
  • Lamp bulb base: E26 (Bulb Not Included).

4. Crystal bedroom lamp

This crystal wall lamp fixture offers style and quality at an exceptional value, the exquisite crystal glass shade gives this wall lamp a graceful and luxurious feeling which will enhance any room.

This sconce wall lamp can be mounted either up or down, according to your preference. It is perfect for the bathroom, living room, bedroom or nightstands.

It is not only an indoor light wall sconce and bath lighting, but it’s also a decorative wall lamp. The wall lighting is also perfect for your business lighting, e.g. in the cafeteria, restaurant, office, restroom, corridor, gallery, exhibition, etc.

Product description

  • Three layers of coating for the steel and brass finish; Anti-rust, Anti-corrosion, and waterproof, it is perfect in both wet and dry locations.
  • The vanity light meets UL standards for interior spaces and comes with a full two-year warranty.
  • The Wall lamp is compatible with the dimmable bulbs

5. Round Led Crystal Ceiling Light

This crystal modern ceiling chandelier is a gorgeous ceiling lamp that is well well-made, and the real object is more amazing than the picture.

This modern lighting fixture represents an exceptional decorative element, which at first sight impresses with its design. Crystal trimmings can create beautiful lighting effects in the room and give the interior a specific charm

This ceiling lighting is durable and can be placed in any space in your home, including the bedroom, living room, craft room, dining room, kitchen, etc.

Product description

  • Stainless steel and crystal design
  • Low power consumption, secure and reliable
  • Package includes 1 x ceiling light and E14 warm white bulb

6. Creative Bird Aromatherapy Lamp

This aromatherapy bird table lamp is a translucent, soft eye-protection lamp that brings your own aroma. It’s simple and light design makes it easy to use anywhere.

Its unique, modern and eye-catching design will add a charming touch to your current lighting collection.

The elegant aromatherapy lamp with warm soft lights creates an aura of old-world charm – this Eye-catching prop is best for bedroom and living room tables, dressers, patios, coffee tables, etc.

Product description

  • Unique design; realistic bird table lamp made of wood and metal
  • Remote control brightness; white, warm, and neutral light.
  • 1800mah battery, 1-3 hours charging

7. Nordic Wooden Hanging Wall Lamp

The Nordic wooden wall lamp is a simple and modern, elegant appearance design that can be used as a wall light, ceiling light, living room lamp, or table decoration. It is suitable for living rooms, children’s bedrooms, restaurants, kitchens, porches, and stairs.

It is designed with two sconces, which can be used in all kinds of rooms. Also,it is lightweight, easy to carry and convenient to operate.

The lamp holder is made of thickened iron, and the surface is painted with paint treatment, which is not easy to rust and is durable. The white led lights are energy-saving and long-lasting.

Product description

  • The product is made of leather, wood, and metal; Rich in texture
  • led bulbs; High quality led bulbs, low power consumption, and energy saving
  • The switch type is remote controlled

8. Modern Nordic Hanging Lamp

The Nordic pendant hanging light designed by 3D effect brings a visual impact, and can instantly catch the eyeball with its sparkling and colorful artistic design.

This unique hanging lamp with excellent brightness and unique style can be widely used for office, dining room, bedroom, living room, balcony, lobby, kitchen island, aisle, or as a decoration.

The excellent 3D glass pendant lamp is created to not only provide brightness for your lovely home but also to provide you with fascinating experiences and home decoration.

Product description

  • 3D colorful, mirror effect when light off
  • Safe and secure wrought iron lock buckle
  • High-Quality Material; Artificial hand-blown glass shade, thinner, more delicate, more texture.


How to pick the right lighting for different areas of the home

Now that you know what your different lighting options are, it’s time to figure out how and where to place them in each space. While this is ultimately a matter of personal preference, there are some standard layouts that work well. If you’re unsure where to start, check out this room-by-room guide for ideas.

Entryway: Start with a dramatic pendant light or chandelier overhead. Then, supplement with either a table or floor lamp.

Living room: This is a good place to use track or recessed lighting throughout. If your room has a main seating area, use a larger, overhead fixture to center it. Place floor lamps where needed to light shadowy corners.

Dining room: The dining room is the easiest room to light. A huge pendant light or chandelier placed over the dining table should be your main source. If there are additional dark corners, you can use a floor or table lamp to supplement.

Kitchen: Kitchen lighting is complex. You may want to start with some recessed lighting. Focal areas like the kitchen island and dining table should have overhead pendants or chandeliers. Plus, you could add specific task sources at the sink and stove.

Bedroom: Ideally, bedrooms have a main, overhead light source and table lamps on nightstands or dressers.

Bathroom: Recessed lighting is common. You could also add task lights around a mirror or, for a dramatic touch, an overhead source above the tub.

Office: Start with recessed lighting or a main, overhead source. Be sure to add table or floor lamps in dark corners or by seating areas. Finally, make sure you have a desk lamp in your main work area.

The right lighting can really make or break a room. When done well, it creates the perfect atmosphere to help your design shine, but when done poorly, it might detract from your chosen aesthetic.

If you’re ready to take your lighting to the next level, you’re in the right place as this ultimate lighting guide has all the information you need.

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